Monday, November 24, 2008

National Day of Listening - November 28

November is an important month of holidays where we look back on our history and heritage. These holidays include Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Veterans Day is the day we honor our veterans and the sacrifices they went through to make our freedom possible and we all know about Thanksgiving. That day of thanks and gluttony we all celebrate by worshiping the large bird, watching football and then taking a nap. Well, StoryCorps, an independent non-profit organization, with the help of National Public Radio, has declared November 28, 2008, the first annual National Day of Listening. They are asking us to take one hour of your day and record a conversation with someone important to your life. This could be a relative, friend, teacher or someone from your neighborhood. You can read more about the National Day of Listening by going to their website at While visiting the site you can download a do-it-yourself guide, use their question generator to create a customized set of questions, and listen to interviews that are being shared by others taking part in this day. NPR will be airing some of these stories during their broadcasts all week long. So remember, take this time when you have family together to learn more about them and by doing so, learn more about yourself. Have fun!


Becky Jamison said...

It's a great idea, but when I read National Day of Listening, I thought it would be a day designated when our husbands would really LISTEN to us for one whole day! :-)

MilesMeyer said...

No such luck Becky. We can't even listen for a few minutes without being distracted.