Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finding Records Online - Kentucky

I am back to my listing of web sites offering free access to records within a state. Today I will be discussing some of the databases available for Kentucky.

One of the databases available for northern Kentucky is hosted by the Kenton County Public Library. This site is located at Many of the records focus on Kenton County and the area around Covington, Kentucky and include cemetery, church, Civil War, census, birth and death records. If your families ever lived in this area of Kentucky this is a great resource.

A good source for death (1911-1992), marriage (1973-1993) and divorce (1973-1993) records is the Kentucky Vital Records Index located at Another death index database can be found on the Rootsweb website at This database includes an index of almost 3 million names between 1911-2000. If you want to see the actual death certificates you can find them at 

The Kentucky Land Office has a variety of land grant databases on their web page at This site includes some really great databases including digital copies of the Revolutionary War Warrants prior to 1792, West of Tennesee River Military Patents, Virginia and Kentucky Patents, and several others. These land grant databases include copies of the grants, surveys and other documents supporting land claims.

The Kentucky Cemetery Catalog can be found at This database includes hundreds of thousands of names from cemeteries across Kentucky. All of the information was gathered by volunteers.

The Kentuckiana Digital Library has links to several collections at  These collections include newspapers, books, images, maps, oral histories, manuscripts and journals. The newspaper archives is a little cumbersome to navigate but once you get through the links you can see the actual pages of the paper with your search term highlighted.

Well, I hope these databases help in your search for relatives from Kentucky.


Anonymous said...

This has the actual death certificate from 1911 to 1918. It is an ongoing project so certificates are added constantly.

MilesMeyer said...

Thanks for the additional site. I have added it to my blog. This site will also be useful when researching my wife's Litton and Terry lines.