Friday, April 24, 2009

Arbor Day

Hi there, I finally had time to resurrect a short article for the blog. My travel schedule has been hectic lately. I have also been busy with all the new things out there for genealogists to play with, such as the FamilyTree interface for new FamilySearch, AncestralQuest and FamilyInsight. And soon we will start testing some new additions to the FamilySearch Indexing program as well as new beta versions of FamilySearch and Family Tree. I can see that this summer will be busy. 

Here in the United States, Friday April 24th is Arbor Day. Take this opportunity to provide a legacy for your descendents and a memorial for your ancestors. Plant a “family tree”. Plant this tree in memory of one of your ancestors or as a marker for a newly born child. As the child grows, so will the tree. Not only is this a great way to remember an event but the tree will help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, provide oxygen, shade, and a home for a variety of animals. Make this a family event and have some fun.