Tuesday, June 21, 2016

WieWasWie - Dutch Archives - Signs Agreement with Ancestry

Hello everyone, I decided that I would get back to my blogging with a few short posts. I will be focusing my research in the online international archives for the next couple weeks. It is amazing what records you can find in these archives. Over the next few blog posts I hope to provide some short descriptions of the archives so fellow researchers will be able find them more easily.

One of the archives that I have used in the past is WieWasWie. This site is a searchable database of the Dutch records. They have over 110 million names indexed on their site. Their records include:

  • Population registers
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Burial registers
  • Baptismal registers
  • Marriage registers
  • Sea voyages
  • and others.

  • In the past I have been able to find my people in the population registers from Amsterdam and just this morning a fellow researcher sent me the link to my 3rd great grandparents marriage in Amsterdam (9 November 1831). Below is a copy of this marriage record.

    Marriage record for Justus Weise and Anna Maria Margarethe Wilken (9 Nov 1831).

    Earlier this month, WieWasWie signed an agreement with Ancestry.com. This is a great development for those of us searching for Dutch ancestry. With this agreement, researchers will be able to search their records collection through Ancestry. Their blog post about this agreement can be found at http://wiewaswieblog.nl/2016/06/wiewaswie-op-ancestry.

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